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Money Week 2019

Conversations about money can be difficult. We don’t like talking about it. Close to half of us would rather talk about sex, drugs or politics than the dreaded M word. 

Not talking about money can be a source of stress, anxiety, and unnecessary problems for many families. Personal finances are intertwined – how we handle money affects those around us, and vice versa. Our partners' money choices have an impact on us and our financial future. We’re in this together. 

So these conversations are some of the most important ones to have.

Why talk about money?

The more you open up and talk about money – even the really difficult conversations – the better your life and relationships will be.

So many good things come from talking about money, whether it’s with each other or with experts. The tension, stress and anxiety lift. Urgent issues are more easily solved. Getting on the same page means we can set shared goals. And we can protect our financial lives as we move in and out of relationships.

Unsure how to start the money conversation? Below you’ll find resources to help you get started, including tips on how to get a good outcome, share money goals and what to do if the conversation gets tricky or doesn’t go as planned.

Now we're talking

You, your partner & money

Money talk can do great things for a relationship, especially if you get on the same page and choose goals to work towards.

There’s no judgement, just positive planning in order to grow a future together.

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You, your kids & money

Parents and carers play a crucial role in building kids' confidence with money. There's a direct link between what you do and what your child’s long-term financial behaviour will be.

Many of kids' long-term money attitudes and habits start to form by the age of seven! The sooner you start to talk with your child, the better.

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You, work, school & money

Did you know that money talk is now in schools? And at work? It most certainly is.

Whether it’s Sorted in Schools or Sorted at Work, these are new, informative and safe spaces to talk through our money choices and find ways to get ahead. Is your school or workplace on board?

You your work or school money